About & FAQ

What is Bakuretsu Con?
Founded in 2001 by area fans, Bakuretsu Con is Vermont's premiere anime convention! Our family-friendly event draws approximately 600 attendees, and is sponsored by The Anime Society of Vermont, a public, non-profit organization whose primary mission is to promote cultural awareness and diversity through the celebration of anime and manga.

What goes on at Bakuretsu Con?
Bakuretsu Con has everything an anime fan could want, including:

Guests, Vendors, Panels, Workshops, Cosplay Contest & Cosplay Chess, Artists Alley, LARPing, Domestic & Import Video Game Room, Game Shows, Board Gaming Room, a Japanese-inspired Cafe, Manga Library, and so much more!

How do I register for Bakuretsu Con?
To save time in line, visit our registration page to pre-register before the big event! Registration will also be available at the door.

I'm a member of the Press. May I get a press badge?
Members of news sites, press outlets, and other groups who are interested in covering Bakuretsu Con should submit an application via the contact form . A Bakucon representative will contact you with more information. As a note, requests for guest interviews will be handled on a case by case basis.

How do I advertise in the con book?
Please fill out the contact form and select 'Advertising & Prize Donation'. Be certain to include your contact information.

Why does Bakuretsu Con cost money to attend?
The fees charged to attendees, vendors, and artists help to offset the cost of running our event. Room and equipment rentals, as well as Guest airfare are just a few of the costs to run a convention we hope everyone can enjoy!

What events do I need to pay to attend?
Most panels and events are free at Bakuretsu Con after you've paid your admission fee. However, some special events and workshops may require a cover charge. Any additional fees to attend these events will be clearly indicated in the con book. Of note, our Japanese-inspired café does carry an additional charge, but should be no more than $10.

What is the The Cat's Eye Café?
The Cat's Eye Café (a Japanese-inspired café) is a place for attendees to get away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and enjoy a little taste of Japan! Small portions of Japanese foods will be served for small prices. ^_^

When will the The Cat's Eye Café be open?
The café is open for 5 to 6 hours on Saturday, starting at 11am. These times may change, but will be clearly marked in the con book.

What are the convention hours for Bakuretsu Con?
Hours of operation for Bakuretsu Con will be announced when they have been determined.

How can I volunteer for Bakuretsu Con?
Visit our volunteer page to find out!

How do I run a panel at Bakuretsu Con?
You sign up on our panel form, of course! After you submit your proposal, we will send you an email confirming your information.

Where is Bakuretsu Con located?
Our awesome event located at the Hampton Inn Conference Center, 42 Lower Mountain View Drive in Colchester Vermont--conveniently located right off exit 16 on I-89!

Where can I park while attending Bakuretsu Con?
Fear Not! The Hampton Inn Conference Center has plenty of FREE parking.

Is there a discount for kids?
Of course! Children under 7 are free and children 7 - 12 receive a discount of $10 with a paying adult.

What about a group discount...?
Yes, again! We offer a group discount for groups of 10 or more. Please contact us for further information.

Am I old enough to get in with out my parents?
Children 12 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times.

What happens after I pre-register?
Once we receive your registration we will send you a confirmation email. Bring this and a photo ID to the convention to pick up your badge. After that, the adventure is up to you!

Where can I find a schedule of events?
A schedule of events can be found at both Registration and the Info Desk. As the event draws closer, a schedule will also be posted on-line for your convenience.

How do I get a table in Artist Alley?
Visit our Artist Alley page for more information. Of note, space is very limited.

How do I sign up for the masquerade/cosplay contest?
Visit our cosplay page for all information regarding costumed events~!

What is Bakuretsu Con's Weapon Policy?
All props that might/maybe/could possibly be a weapon must be peace bound by a security staffer.
Live Steel (metal weaponry) is not permitted anywhere in the convention center.
Any weapon or prop over 5-feet is not permitted in the convention center, as we have short ceilings. >.<
Anything that can fire a projectile (even marshmallows) is not allowed in the convention center.
If you need it for your cosplay skit, the Cosplay Director has final say if it may be used.

OH NOES! I Have a question that this FAQ DOESN'T answer!!!!
We've got you covered! Stop by the forums or the contact form and ask your question! If someone doesn't get back to you right away, please be patient. We promise we'll answer. Of note, messages and email sent the week before the convention will not be answered until after the event.