DDR Tournament Rules

This tournament has 3 categories: singles, doubles, and freestyle. Individual categories may be canceled if there are not enough entrants.


Minimum number of entrants - 4

Maximum number of entrants - 64

Format - Double elimination. This means a player must lose two matches before they are eliminated from the tournament. Standard double elimination tournament rules apply.

Seeding - All entrants will play a predetermined song as a qualifier round and will be seeded based on their performance. The song used for the qualifier round will be picked by the head Tournament Organizer at the start of the tournament. Pass/fail status of the qualifier will be ignored.

Scoring style - Timing judgement will be used to determine the winner of an individual song. In game score will not be used. Any given match will be won by whoever wins two songs.

Match format - Before the Match each player may scroll through the song list to familiarize themselves with the songs available, and each player may pick a single song that may not be picked (higher seed picks a banned song first). Higher seed picks first song and difficulty, lower seed picks second song difficulty. In the event of a tie after two songs, the in game “random” song selection will be used, and the song will be played on the highest difficulty of the two songs already played. If the game does not have a random option, a random number will be picked based on the number of songs in a game.

After each song it is imperative that both players step off of the dance pads to avoid moving beyond the results screen. Any player that causes the game to move past the results screen before the judges have recorded the results or have determined the winner will forfeit that song.

Modifiers - The only modifiers players may use are “speed” and “arrow”. Players do not need to match each other’s modifiers. Use of modifiers are intended solely for the benefit of the player’s preferences.

Song scoring - Players will be scored based on their timing judgements. Each “Perfect” will be worth 2 points, each “Great” will be worth 1 point, each “Good” will be worth 0 points, each “Almost” will incur a 4 point penalty (i.e., be worth -4 points), and each “Miss” will incur an 8 point penalty (i.e., be worth -8 points). Each “OK” will be worth 6 points, and each “NG” will be worth 0 points. If the game has a “Marvellous” timing, it will be worth the same as “Perfect” (i.e., 2 points)

Song failure - In the event that a player fails a song that their opponent passes, they will automatically lose that song. In the event that both players fail a song, the regular judgement scoring will be used to determine the winner.

Round format - Each round will be a different DDR game picked out of a hat. No game will be used twice, with DDR Max, Max2, Extreme, Extreme 2, Supernova, and Supernova 2 being available. If the number of entrants happens to exceed 64 entrants, the head Tournament Organizer will alter this rule accordingly.

In the event of a dispute between players, confusion with the rules, or any other questions, the head Tournament Organizer will have final say

Special rules - (This rule assumes the number of entrants makes the tournament 4 rounds and will be implemented at the discretion of the head Tournament Organizer) In the first round, all songs chosen must be level 4 or higher. In the second round, all songs must be rated 6 or higher. In the semifinals, all songs must be rated 7 or higher. In the finals, each song must be rated 8 or higher. This restriction does not apply to randomly selected tie-breaker songs. The head Tournament Organizer reserves the right to alter this rule at any point during the tournament for the sake of the tournament, i.e., if the average skill level is lower than the minimum required. As always, any of the above rules may be altered at any point be the head Tournament Organizer. Be ready for some fun surprises!

Doubles tournament

The same rules as the Singles Tournament applies, except as follows:

Minimum number of entrants - 3

Maximum number of entrants - 32

Players will, of course, take turns playing songs. The higher tier player will play each song before the lower tier player, with both players playing a given song before moving on to the next song.

The minimum song difficulty required for each round will be determined at the start of each round by the head Tournament Organizer, and will be based on the average skill level of the players competing in the given round.

In the event that there are only 3 entrants, players will all play the same songs, and anyone tied after round one will continue to another round, and will keep going until all players have been ranked.

Freestyle tournament

Minimum number of entrants - 3

Maximum number of entrants - 16

In this tournament, players will do a freestyle routine that will be scored by the judges based on how skilled, creative, and/or impressive the routine is. There will be a minimum of 3 judges. Judges will score each routine on a scale of 1-10. Players can select any song on any difficulty (except beginner) from any available game. They may choose either singles or doubles play for their song. Players only play one song, and their final score is their combined score from the judges. In the event of a tie, a second freestyle song will be played by any player with the tie score based on the same rules as above. The score for the tie breaker will only be used to decide the tie, and will have no bearing on their place outside the tie. For example., if there is a tie for second place, and during the tiebreaker one of the players, Player A, scores better than the first place player, Player B, scored in the first round, Player B will still be in first place for the tournament.

Players are welcome to pick what order they play in, otherwise names will be picked out of a hat.