Cosplay Contest Rules

Our most popular cosplay event, the Cosplay Contest is a performance event for cosplayers of all skill levels to show off their costumes. Contestants can perform in either a skit or a walk-on. There are competitive and non-competitive rounds, so everyone can play! Awards are given for Best in Show for skits, walk-ons, craftsmanship and Judges Choice.


  1. All Competitive cosplay entries must be a character or concept of Japanese origin. NO exceptions. Bakuretsu Con is a celebration of anime and Japanese culture. Non-competitive entries do not need to comply with this rule.
  2. All Competitive entries must be handmade, not purchased. Acquired items that have been modified may be permitted at the Judges’ discretion. Cosplays cannot be over 6.5 feet (196 cm) in height.
  3. Cosplay Contest entrants MUST be pre-registered for the convention. NO exceptions, NO same-day entrants.
  4. Skits may not run longer than FOUR (4) minutes. The number of slots available for skits is limited - priority will be given to Competitive entries over Non-Competitive entries.
  5. All content must be kept at a PG level - no nudity, swearing or lewd behavior. Skits that are approved MUST have their script approved by Bakuretsu Con’s Cosplay Staff.
  6. All props must meet convention standards and be peace bonded by Security- no real weapons, metal, projectiles or props over 5 feet (152 cm) high. Please consult prop rules here- Large props may need to be stowed until the Cosplay Contest at the discretion of Security and the Cosplay Coordinator.
  7. Cosplayers 12 years of age and younger must have a parent or guardian present at all times, in accordance to convention-wide policies. This includes during craftsmanship judging, pre-show setup and during the Cosplay Contest.
  8. All entrants, competitive and noncompetitive, MUST check-in on Friday before 7 PM. If you will not be at the convention on Friday, you MUST contact the Cosplay Coordinator and arrange a check-in time for Saturday morning. Failing to check-in or contacting about an appointment for Saturday morning will result in an automatic disqualification and/or rescinding of your place in the Cosplay Contest.
  9. All competitive entrants MUST be on-time and ready for their Judging session for the Cosplay Contest on Saturday. Entrants who are competing will be given flexibility and ample notice as to when their Judging session will occur. Should an incident occur where an Entrant needs to adjust their Judging session, they must do so before the Friday of the convention at 7PM. Entrants who fail to arrive for their Judging session will automatically be disqualified and rescind their spot in the Cosplay Contest. NO exceptions.
  10. All entrants, competitive and noncompetitive, MUST arrive for their pre-show call. This will be included on the schedule and provided to each entrant who checks in. The Bakuretsu Con Cosplay Staff has a number of things to cover with the contestants, including show order, sound checks and skit run-throughs, and only a limited amount of time to complete them. As such, everyone must be on time or give up their spot. NO exceptions will be made for this rule.
  11. Bakuretsu Con employs a staff photographer, who will be taking photos of all participants, both Competitive and Noncompetitive. By entering in the contest, you consent to and allow our photographer to use your likeness and your costume in photos and promotional materials for future Bakuretsu Con/Anime Society of Vermont events and their social media.
  12. Bakuretsu Con’s Cosplay Coordinator has the right to refuse, adjust, or deny entries who do not comply with the rules of the Cosplay Contest. The Cosplay Coordinator will have the final say in disputes over Cosplay Contest rules.
  13. If entrants plan on using a music or audio file, they MUST be provided in an email to the Cosplay Coordinator by the Friday BEFORE Bakuretsu Con. Digital files may be provided as .MP3 or . WAV files to the email address below. If a CD or thumbdrive is needed to provide the music or audio file, contact the Cosplay Coordinator using the email below. Walk-On entries that do not provide music will have music provided for them by the Cosplay Staff. (Don’t worry, it’ll be good!)

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to the Bakuretsu Con Cosplay Coordinator at

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