2017 Guests

Dawn M. Bennett

Dawn M. Bennett is a Dallas-based voice actress that has worked with FUNimation, Rooster Teeth, ScrewAttack, and GalaxyTrail. She began voice acting during her freshman year at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in 2014 with a degree in songwriting. She was nominated for Breakthrough Voice Actress of the Year in the BTVA Anime Dub Awards 2015.
She has been a variety of characters, here are a few!

Frosch (Fairy Tail)
Isabella Yang (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Satan (Seven Mortal Sins)
Kikune Kiba (Masamune-Kuns Revenge)
Miku Kobayakawa (Keijo!!!!!!!! )
Elmy;Kairen;Olive;Poppy (One Piece )
Fairy C (Dragon Ball Super)

Besides voice acting, Dawn enjoys singing, gaming, drawing, writing, and taking silly videos of her cats Frosch and Buko.

Click here for more information on Dawn!

Jason Lord

Jason is a long time mid-western audio engineer who traveled to Texas to create new content in the music, tech, and entertainment field. After teaching in public schools, Jason became a freelance artist working with a number of talented performers and game developers. He has handled audio projects across the U.S. as well as in Australia, Japan, and Israel. From marching band shows, to orchestras, voice acting, and video game soundtracks, Jason has slowly been establishing himself as a fresh, and innovative contender in the creative market.

Jason currently works for Galaxy Trail LLC as a head audio designer and voice actor. He is the voice of Serpentine and General Gong in Freedom Planet, and Freedom Planet 2. He also works with Lonebot, GoodWarGames, IronFist Studios, and SoundDogs. His other notable video game roles include Crystal Story II, and Sentry Knight Tactics.

When he isn’t running amok in the audio sphere, Jason works on creative endeavors in technology and charity. His creative team at Extra Terrible are currently working on their first interactive convention/internet gameshow “This Controller Sucks” where contestants play intuitively bad controllers, competing in 90’s inspired obstacle driven courses.

Coffee mysteriously disappears in his presence, and he has an insatiable love for all things One Piece, Metroid, and G-Gundam related.

Scott Melzer (NoN.D.E. Fanfilms)

Scott is the head writer and director of the anime fan parody group NoN.D.E. Fanfilms. An anime fan since birth in 1966, Scott grew up on Speed Racer and Star Blazers, having no idea of the shows' origins. In college he learned the truth: they were Japanese, and there were uncut versions of these shows! And there were conventions! Rabid otakunization soon followed. In 2001 he tried his hand at directing fan parodies, and the homage to fans and fandom "This Is Otakudom" was the result, followed by "S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie" in 2005 and "Fanboy Soze" in 2011. Scott is currently developing his fourth film and spreads the joy of parodies by showing screenings of Abridged shows and Fan Parodies at cons along the east coast.