Meet Our Mascots: Mahou & Baku!

Mahou is a typical student at Bakuretsu High. She enjoys video games, being an active part of the student council, shopping, and boys. She also happens to belong to the school's Magic Club.

After many citations regarding the group's general cleanliness and organization, the club decided it was in their best interest to summon an air elemental to help keep the small, wayward club house tidy. After weeks of research, Mahou knew they were close to unraveling the mystic incantation. Staying late in order to complete her part of the translation, completely lost in her work, the focused student was unaware of a storm growing outside....

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the club house and sent a jolt of pure energy into the almost complete summoning circle. Quiet for only a moment, a large blast of activated magic knocked over tables, chairs and Mahou, sending the unwitting student's book bag into the energized summoning circle. In awe of the events unfolding before her, she could only stare, slack-jawed, as one of the books from her bag rose skyward, pages flipping wildly on their own. .

A second blinding flash-and then everything...was silent....

Slowly returning to consciousness, a light buzzing in her head, Mahou's eyes opened, blurrily scanning the decimated club house, eerily illuminated by the softly glowing energies trapped within the summoning circle before her. .

As her vision cleared, Mahou pulled herself to stand, and stared. Before her stood another girl...though entirely different from herself! For this girl most certainly wasn't a student.

And she had wings!

Stay tuned as their adventures continue...!