Bakuretsu Con Volunteer Program

What it means to be a volunteer:
Volunteers also known as gophers, are like the blood cells of the Bakuretsu con body. They help all the parts of the body run. Volunteers mainly sit in the video and event rooms, checking badges and running the films. Volunteers are also asked to help with registration, laminating badges and handing out lanyards and Con books. These are the basic duties of a volunteer that help the convention run smoothly.

What you get for volunteering:
Based on the number of hours you work during the entire weekend, you will get a discount on your badge which will come in the form of a refund after you have worked your hours. If you work 24 hours in total you will also receive a free t-shirt.

Hours Worked Rewards
@ 4 hours - $5 badge reimbursement
@ 8 hours - $10 badge reimbursement
@ 12 hours - $15 badge reimbursement
@ 16 hours - $20 badge reimbursement + T-Shirt
@ 20 hours - Badge refunded + T-Shirt


While working:

Some last bits of information:

If you understand and are capable of meeting these requirements please fill out the online form. If you have questions use the contact us form located here.

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