Bakuretsu Con Panels

Panels are the body that makes up the schedule of a con, they are discussions, lectures, show and tells, or rants about any and all parts of anime fandom, Japanese culture or nerd culture. They keep people engaged and interested and are a great opportunity to meet new and exciting people.

In the past we’ve had panels on Fan Fiction Writing, Steampunk, Historical Costuming, Kimonos, as well as many other items. If you have a specialty and want to talk about it, an area of expertise in anime fandom, or just an obsession you want to share with the con, we’d love for you to submit a panel for consideration.

Running a Panel

Here's what you need to know before you submit a panel:

All panels or events should have to do with anime or Japanese culture in some way.

All panels are 50 mins, 80 mins or 110 mins long, they start on the hour or the half a hour and end ten minutes before the next panel in order to accommodate for set up and break down time. There will be a clock in every panel room for your aid to keep everything running on time so please use them!

Panelist must be at the room 10 minutes before their event is scheduled to start.

Considerations will be made if you want to run a event over 110 minutes.

All panelists MUST be pre-registered before the panel can be approved.

Typical room set up includes:

Two of our rooms (cafe and workshop) have a different set up more suitable for crafting and similar non traditional panel types . They can however have projectors and other set ups moved in as needed. We will try to prioritize panels that will work better in these rooms first.

Projectors have VGA hook ups and some have HDMI. To be safe, bring VGA cables and compatible laptop if you need to use the projector.

If your panel has 18+ content please say so in the application. 18+ panels will be provided with security to check ids at the door and a time slot that is appropriate for this type of content.

No shaming panels are allowed.

Time slots will be assigned to accommodate panelist requests as best we can, however, it is not guaranteed you will get the time/day you want.

Relying on having internet access for your panel or event is NOT recommended. The hotel's internet access is not reliable.

Volunteer Credit

Running panels can count towards volunteer hours! For each panel you run, you can receive one hour of volunteer credit, plus the length of the panel itself. Check out the volunteering page to see the rewards you can earn with just a few hours of your time!

Submit a Panel!

To submit a panel for Bakuretsu Con 2017 click here.