This Year's LARP

Bakuretsu High 2016 Season
Episode XVI: Time Just Keeps on Slipping.. (slipping..slipping..)

With another year begun, the students of Bakuretsu High School are at it again! The school is in trouble again and it's up to the students to save it! Old friends and foes will make appearances, and entirely new threats will come to light.

Bakuretsu High is a live action roleplaying game, run by Dark Duality Productions using a variant of the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" system (published by Guardians of Order). For more details, email bakuretsuhigh@gmail.com which is also where you can email to request a character from your favorite anime/manga be created or set aside for you. Pre-generated characters will be provided, and a limited number of custom characters will be created on-site. (Really.. I mean it this time...) Cosplaying is encouraged, but not required.
This Season of Bakuretsu High adds:

-Something Wrong With Mr. Black!
-More of your favorite anime characters to play!
-Time Travel!
-More club intrigue!

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Cat's Eye Cafe's Menu!

Want to know what the cafe will be serving this year? Well, you're in luck! We now have the menu (subject to change)available to look at! In case you are new to our cafe and how it works, we offer a selection of yummy Japanese and Japanese inspired foods all for donations! The cafe will be open from 11am-3pm on Saturday of the con.
Menu Here


Guest Announcement: Scott Melzer

Apart from just being amazing, Scott is the head writer and director of the anime fan parody group NoN.D.E. Fanfilms. You may have seen his films "This Is Otakudom", "S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie" or "Fanboy Soze". We are happy to welcome him back to Bakuretsu Con every year and if you join him for some of his panels and events you will see why!

Go to our Guest page for more information on Scott!


Guest Announcement: Caitlynn French

Caitlynn is fairly new to the scene, having debuted in 2012 as Qumola from Book of Bantorra. She's ran the ropes and trained hard to conquer roles such as Shiro (No Game No Life), Chris (Cross Ange),and Hana Isuzu (Girls und Panzer)
Go to our Guest page for more information on Caitlynn!


September 18th - End of Summer Cookout!

Sadly the Summer is just about over but while it's still here lets celebreate Bakuretsu Con in the great outdoors one more time. We will be in one of 2 locations, at the pavilion or (if it has been reserved) to the left of the pavilion under the trees near the bathroom. Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on just in case. We will have the usual assorment of burgers, dogs, chips, veggies, soda, lemonade, cookies and what ever anyone wants to add. Check our facebook for updates and we hope to see you on Sunday the 18th!


The AMV Contest Is Open!

We are now taking submissions for our 2016 AMV contest!
Click here for the rules and how to submit


Cosplay Contest Sign ups!

Hey Cosplayers! Have a amazing costume you want to show off on stage? Or how about a really cool idea for a skit? Yes? Then sign on up for the Cosplay Contest! You can find all the information you need and sign up right here Sign ups will close on October 8th and there will be NO at con sign ups so make sure you sign up before!


Upcoming and current sign ups!

Hey there! Have you been wondering when you sign up for events and contests for Bakuretsu Con 2016? Wonder no more!

Artist Alley sign ups are open and will close on the 31st of May. Now Closed

The Cosplay Contest sign up will be open on May 15th and close on October 8th.Sign Up Here

Panel applications will be open starting June 1st and will be closing on September 30th.
Submit your application here

The AMV contest will start accepting applications on July 1st until October 7th.Click here for the rules and how to submit

If you are looking to pre-reg, it is already open!
and can be found Here

Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates as well!